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Acharya Pema Chodron

Acharya Pema Chodron


Hevajra and Nairatmya statue


Hevajra and Nairatmya statue

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Bowl, Japanese, Meiji Period
Trekking above Dharamsala, India.
Whip spider (Phrynidae)

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Camille Vivier

Dear friends I wanted to share that I recently accepted ordination. I have been living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at Gampo Abbey and am so happy to be living in community trying to deepen my understanding of living from my heart and learning to open into my own limitless love, compassion, wisdom, and strength.
I love you all and hope you can laugh with me!
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"If you magnify your limitations you create your own prisons."
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"You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free."
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